Keep it Cute and Cosy: The Blanket Edit

The Instagram-Worthy Picnic of Your Dreams Awaits

5 things to remember to pack!

1. Tray – a lightweight tray can provide an even surface for preventing drinks spilling
2. Ice packs – keeping everything cool (can be substituted with frozen bottles of water)
3. Strawberries – we know you’ve already packed the champagne!
4. Wet wipes – for keeping your hands clean and cleaning up any spills
5. MOST importantly  the perfect picnic blanket!

Have a browse of our must-have All Wool and Wool Blend blankets here!


Pictured above is our All Wool blanket in the timeless Stewart Muted Blue design – a vision of fresh and fun for spring/summer.

Our Wool Blanket range provides sustainability and style for the perfect day out. Made from recycled wool (better for the environment) and machine washable under a wool cycle (easy-peasy!).

Winding Down

After a long day of work or an adventure-filled afternoon – we know nothing feels better than getting home and cosying up with a blanket and a cuppa.

Say hello to your favourite couch companion, the Chequer Cashmere Blend Blanket beautifully soft and perfect for wrapping up as the night begins to get a bit chilly.

Pictured is the understatedly elegant; Natural Chequer.

As the nights become lighter, opt to take your dining al fresco. Pictured is our monochrome blanket  Black Chequer.

Our blankets double up as a stylish throw, to accessorise your living room or be draped across the bottom of your bed. Serving both effortless style and functionality, win-win!

Whether you are braving the great outdoors or coorying in, at Edinburgh Cashmere you are sure to find the perfect blanket for you.


  • Christine Elizabeth Woods

    Your blankets are beautiful, so much choice of colours, tartans and checks you make it so difficult for me, I want them all.

  • Rebecca Mear

    Jen McFadden, my vote for her photo of a picnic and how beautiful Scotland is.

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