Fall in love with Autumn

As the worlds main focus is on climate change, it seems fitting that the new season's colours should reflect the environment we live in.

At Edinburgh Cashmere, our new seasonal shades of cashmere and lambswool fashion accessories showcase nature at its best.

Fashion trends dictate that deep forest pine green leads the way followed by a rich ripe holly red.

Arctic blue as cool as a winter sky is also a popular hue.


Chestnut brown and orange, are always popular Autumnal colours are favoured with the Hollywood celebs as we see... former sport star David Beckham, fashion model David Gandy, and Hollywood superstars Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, all favouring the rich brown to camel shades of Autumn.

Rouge red as deep as the holly berry has long been a strong favourite with the Duchess of Cambridge, but this bold hue looks equally great on actor Tom Hardy.

If you are looking for a cool and subdued shade opt for the dark cloud colour of charcoal favoured by Rosie Huntington Whiteley, or a lighter shade of silver-grey worn so well by scarf lover Benedict Cumberbatch.

Whatever your shade is, we can help to move effortlessly into the new season with style.

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